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Public statement regarding concerns raised about the

Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation


The Board of the Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation (Foundation) is mystified by allegations aired by Mr Mark Moore and published in the Advertiser.


The Foundation, established some three decades ago, has throughout its history provided support and care for cranio-facial health services across the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and to patients around the world. We continue to support patients of clinicians working at those hospitals

to this day.


In recent years, for reasons that are unclear to the Foundation, our attempts to provide

this support have been rebuffed.


Approaches to us for support have not occurred, nor have our informal requests to support various clinicians been taken up. Even the Foundation’s offer to bring gifts we have received for patients have been denied. When the Foundation offered for Mr Moore’s unit to collect these gifts, this was refused. We are simply mystified by this behaviour.


To ensure communication, we have one of the surgeons working with Mr Moore on the Foundation’s Board,Mr Walter Flapper, to assist in assessing the needs of the unit.


We remain willing and eager to collaborate, and do not understand why

we are being frozen out.


Whilst the Foundation does receive income from bequests and donations, our policy is to distribute only our earnings on our capital investments, rather than the capital investments themselves. We do this to ensure the Foundation will be here in perpetuity to assist those suffering from cranio-facial deformities.


We stand by the financial statements of the Foundation, which have been independently audited by respected audit firm, Grant Thornton.


We remain disappointed and mystified by Mr Moore’s comments, but hope that the publicity received in relation to this issue will lead to dialogue.


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